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From its authentically furnished rooms to its finely manicured lawns, the Trail End State Historic Site in Sheridan displays an elegantly different aspect of Wyoming's colorful history.

Built in the Flemish Revival style, the 13,748 square foot mansion known as Trail End provides an intriguing glimpse into life during the period 1913 to 1933, primarily as seen through the eyes of the John B. Kendrick family.

This was a vibrant time when the world was undergoing radical changes in technology and society. The Kendricks participated in most of the seminal events of the era - World War One, the Jazz Age, the Great Depression - and took advantage of most of the new technologies, from elevators and vacuum cleaners to automobiles and airplanes.

Exhibits and displays throughout the home utilizing primarily original artifacts from the house and family provide information on daily life, entertainment, interior design and changing technology as well as early twentieth century ranching on the Northern Plains.

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Carriage House Theatre - 419 Delphi Avenue

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