By Site Superintendent Cynde Georgen; from Trail End Notes, July 2006

EARLY IN THE summer of 2006, the Trail End staff took six years worth of visitor sign-in sheets and studied them in hopes of finding out something about our visitors – not only where they were from, but what they thought of Trail End.

Out of 567 written comments, a full twenty-five percent described the home as:

  • Beautiful
  • Gorgeous
  • Lovely
  • Exquisite
  • Pretty

This could go to our head! Another fifty percent included such adjectives as Amazing, Awesome, Best, Breathtaking, Charming, Cool, Delightful, Enjoyable, Excellent, Exceptional, Extraordinary, Fabulous, Fantastic, Fascinating, First Class, Grand, Great, Impressive, Incredible, Marvelous, Magnificent, Neat, Outstanding, Overwhelming, Pleasant, Remarkable, Super, Stunning, Spectacular, Spiffy, Stupendous, Superb, Terrific, Unbelievable, Very Good, Very Nice, and/or Wonderful.

Very nice to hear, indeed! But since we don’t want to be known for our good looks alone, we also looked for comments about our exhibits. These, too, were very gratifying:

  • A beautiful piece of history
  • A nostalgic step back in time
  • Info stands for each room are great-best ever seen!
  • Looks like they just walked out the door!
  • Nice to see so many original pieces in the collection
  • So many great touches
  • Really nicely documented
  • Information podiums are very helpful-adds a lot
  • Wow-History!
  • Thank you; great history lessons!

Several visitors commented on how well the facility is maintained:

  • Amazed at how dust free the place is
  • Beautiful & so clean & kept up
  • Beautifully maintained & displayed
  • Beautiful house and grounds; Lovely gardens
  • Clean and nice
  • Beautiful gardens!

As for our preservation efforts, those did not go unnoticed:

  • You brought it back to life!
  • Wonderfully preserved & so welcoming!
  • Wonderful restoration
  • Thank you for saving this treasure for all of us!!
  • Fascinating! Lucky us that you saved it!

Lucky us that you visited! Speaking of visitors, the last six years have brought visitors from all over the U.S., Canada, Europe, Asia, Africa and South America. From Macedonia to Zimbabwe, India to Luxembourg, Argentina to China, Trail End hosts nearly 15,000 visitors a year. We don’t always know what they’re saying, but we love getting their comments:

  • Tres Beau! (France)
  • Bueno (Mexico)
  • Doa Heia (Japan)
  • Sehr Schon!! (Switzerland)
  • Gewezdig (Belgium)
  • Fo Shizzle (Fresno)

Okay – so that last one isn’t foreign! But you get the drift.

Sometimes, the words that people write on our sign-in sheet come at just the right time, making us feel that all the work has been worthwhile. Here are a few examples:

  • Wanted to see the mansion for years 
  • Alive-vital-real genuine-it is still a home, not just a splendid example
  • Fabulous time capsule! 
  • The best historical mansion tour I’ve taken, second to Hearst Castle! 
  • We want to live here! 
  • Best $2 tour in the USA 
  • What a lovely & friendly home!
  • I have been in love with this place for many years 
  • Thank you for providing access to this home & this period of history 
  • Thank you for saving this treasure for all of us 
  • The vacation just became a lot better-thanks!

No - thank you! We couldn’t have done it without you - all of our visitors, all of our volunteers, all of our supporters throughout the community and around the world!

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