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  Transferring Trail End to State ownership, 1982 (WSA Collection, TESHS)

Over a Century of History

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Trail End

Trail End Timeline

TRAIL END HAS had only three owners: the Kendrick family, the Sheridan County Historical Society, and the State of Wyoming. All have been respectful of the house and its environs, especially the state, which has done all needed repairs and restoration since gaining ownership in 1982. Even so, in the 100-plus years since John Kendrick first laid eyes on the site that is now Trail End, many changes have taken place. A balcony has been enclosed, paint colors have changed, trees have died and been replanted. Outside the grounds, neighborhoods have grown up on two sides while several schools have come and gone on another. Here's a quick timeline:


1889    John Kendrick moves to Sheridan area
1895    John purchases property in Nielsen Heights for future home
1905    John donates land next to home site for use as city park
1908    Construction of Trail End begins on Nielsen Heights property
1909    Kendrick family moves to Sheridan Inn
1910    Family moves into Carriage House
1913    Family moves into Trail End in July
1914    Family hosts public open house on New Year's Day
1914    Most landscaping completed

1915    Family moves to Cheyenne while John serves as Governor of Wyoming
1917    Family moves to Washington, DC while John serves as Senator
1929    Manville and wife Diana move into Trail End
1934    Eula moves back to Trail End after John's death
1959    Eula moves to Texas to live with daughter Rosa-Maye
1960    Manville and Diana move out of Trail End


1968     Sheridan County Historical Society purchases house and grounds
1969     Trail End opens as community museum
1970     Trail End added to National Register of Historic Places
1979     Carriage House remodeled into community theater
1982     Trail End given to State of Wyoming
1985     Carriage House partially destroyed by fire; rebuilt
1986     Handicap access ramp, elevator and restrooms installed at Trail End
1988     Carriage House corral remodeled into courtyard
1995     Trail End's entire original electrical system replaced
2002     Replanting efforts begin on grounds
2005     Substantial restoration projects improve interior finishes

2013     Trail End celebrates 100th anniversary with a year-long series of events