State Historic Site

Trail End

WHEN DESIGNING THE grounds for their client's new home in northern Wyoming, Minneapolis landscape architectural firm Morrell & Nichols noted the following in a 1911 letter to John B. Kendrick: 

​The arrangement of groups of trees and shrubs aims principally in giving setting to your residence and other buildings as well as to frame the grounds and give you as much privacy as possible and to show up the lawn to the best advantage thus forming a harmonious whole. 

Today's visitors will note that the casual arrangement of Trail End's greenery does indeed show the lawn - plus the mansion and the carriage house - to "the best advantage." 

Trail End is also home to a variety of birds and wildlife. Audubon members over the years have kept records of avian residents and visitors. See Wildlife & Butterflies and Birding at Trail End

The Trail End grounds are open to the public from sunrise to sunset. There is no charge for casual grounds use (picnics, etc.), but there may be charges for those wishing to hold weddings, photo shoots or other special events on the grounds. Go to Events


Trail End's grounds have dozens and dozens of trees, shrubs, bushes, saplings and vines. Many are the very trees planted when the site was first landscaped in 1914. Some came a bit later, while others are replacements for originals that died. In addition to a variety of roses and flowering ornamentals, the following are known to be on site (rare or unusual trees are marked with an asterisk; those included in the slideshow are underlined):

  • Apple (various species)
  • Ash, European Mountain
  • Ash, Green
  • Barberry, Greenleaf
  • Birch, Cutleaf Weeping
  • Boxelder
  • Caragena
  • Catalpa, Southern*
  • Chokecherry
  • Crabapple, Flowering
  • Dogwood, Redtwig
  • Elm, Chinese
  • Honeysuckle
  • Juniper, Upright Native
  • Lilac, Tree*
  • Lilac (white and purple)
  • Linden, American
  • Maple, Silver Cutleaf*
  • Maple, Redleaf Norway*
  • Mockorange
  • Oak (unidentified species)
  • Pine, Ponderosa
  • Plum, Wild
  • Poplar, Lombardy*
  • Poplar, Silver
  • Serviceberry
  • Spirea, Vanhautii
  • Spruce, Blue
  • Virginia Creeper



Trail End's Grounds