TRAIL END IS a great place to tour. Whether you are coming to the site for the first time or the fifty-first time, there is always something new to explore. Exhibits change on a regular basis, each one featuring an interesting aspect of social history during the first third of the 20th Century. 

While all four floors of the mansion are open, not all areas on each floor are included in the tour. Visitors are asked to stay behind any of the rope or Plexiglas barriers, and to honor any other posted restrictions. We also ask that visitors refrain from touching the woodwork, fabrics or other artifacts (natural oils and salts on our hands can transfer to surfaces, resulting in their degradation). Food and drink are not allowed in the house, nor are flash cameras (video cameras, tablets and phone cameras are fine). 

A modern elevator runs from the basement to the third floor, but be advised that it will not accommodate some full-sized adult wheelchairs.


Self-guided tours are the norm at Trail End. Guests are encouraged to wander about Trail End at their own pace, exploring everything, but having the freedom to spend more time at those areas that interest them the most. Each area has a display panel that gives basic information about what visitors can expect to see and learn there. The site brochure (available in Chinese, English, French, German & Spanish) contains floor plans for all four floors as well as information about the rooms, the family, and the general history of the house.  The fee collector located at the front desk is available to answer any additional questions you might have.

No appointment is necessary for self-guided tours for individuals, families or small groups (under ten). However, if you wish to bring a group of ten or more for a self-guided tour, Trail End staff would appreciate advance warning (just in case there are other groups or events scheduled for the same time). Contact the museum at 307-674-4589 to let staff know when you'd like to tour Trail End. 


Guided tours are available on a limited basis and must be scheduled in advance (docents are not always available, and due to limited staffing, there might not be an experienced guide available for drop-in tours). Please contact Trail End (307-674-4589) as early as you can before the event; your request will be accommodated if at all possible. 

  • For more about guided tours for school groups, please click here.


Tour buses are very welcome at Trail End. Self-guided tours for groups of traveling adults are the norm; past experience has shown that the desire to roam is strong after being cooped up on a bus for several hours! Trained staff will be available to give an introductory talk and answer questions before, during and after the tour.

NOTE: Large tour buses are NOT allowed to drive into the Trail End driveways, not even to drop off passengers. They must park on either Victoria, Clarendon or Delphi Avenues and their passengers walk to the front door located on the east side of the house.

Please contact Trail End at 307-674-4589 as soon as possible prior to your anticipated arrival (some tour companies book as far as a year before their planned tour). Even if your bus is on the highway headed to the mansion, a quick call will provide a much-needed heads-up.


Trail End is very happy to be able to offer two types of audio tours: one for adults and one written and recorded especially for children (ages 7 and above). Both are in English; we hope to be able to offer tours in other languages sometime in the future. No special skills are needed to run the equipment; just point and shoot!

The tour equipment (headphones and mp3 player) is available for free at the front desk, but some sort of surety - car keys, credit card, passport - must be left with the receptionist to ensure the return of the equipment. All participants will also be requested to fill out a brief post-tour questionnaire (past evaluations have helped us tweak the audio tour for a more pleasant user experience).


Tours of the Carriage House Theater are not allowed at this time.


As a result of our TechnoPast educational program, Trail End offers four short, student-made videos highlighting different aspects of Trail End:

Trail End

 (Prout, TESHS)

Touring Trail End 

 State Historic Site