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THERE ARE MANY different ways for you to support the Trail End State Historic Site. You can become a member of the Trail End Guilds; you can volunteer during a special event; you can be a tour guide; you can donate cash or artifacts; you can even polish silver or work in the gardens if that's what you enjoy! 

The simplest way to support the museum is to become a regular visitor. Our exhibits change on an annual basis, so there is something new to see every year. The more visitors we have, the easier it is to justify our budget requests to the state legislature.

Another way to support the site is to purchase our books and souvenir items. While entrance fees go to the State Parks & Historic Sites system, all sales revenue goes directly into the coffers of the Trail End friends group, the Trail End Guilds.


Formed in 1983, the Trail End Guilds, Inc., is a support organization dedicated to the enhancement of the Trail End State Historic Site. Through its fundraising efforts, the Guilds have provided many extras to the site, including reproduction furnishings, flowers, trees, holiday decorations and exhibit pieces, plus a sound system, refrigerator and other support equipment.

The organization is registered as a 501(c)3 organization with the Internal Revenue Service.

Membership in the Trail End Guilds is very affordable, with dues starting as low as $10.00 a year. Meetings are usually held the second Tuesday of every month at 7:00 p.m. at the Trail End State Historic Site (contact the Guilds at for current meeting schedule). Membership levels are as follows:

  • Benefactor - $100 and up
  • Sponsor - $50 to $99
  • Supporting - $25 to $49
  • Individual - $10 to $24

Every member receives a subscription to the Trail End Notes newsletter, plus voting privileges at the annual meeting and any other member benefits as they become available. Contact the Trail End Guilds for more information.


Trail End actively collects artifacts, correspondence and photographs directly related to Trail End, the Kendrick Family and/or the Kendrick Ranches. Unrelated items are also accepted on occasion, if they fit into the site's exhibits overall interpretive plan.

If you have items you would like to have considered for donation to the Trail End State Historic Site, please contact the museum's curator at 307-674-4589 or Unfortunately, due to space limitations, not all potential donations can be accepted.

Short-term loans are accepted for special exhibits, with the understanding that they will be returned to the owner when the exhibit has ended. For insurance purposes, owners must provide a monetary value for each item when the loan is made.

Monetary gifts to Trail End are accepted by the Trail End Guilds. Funds received will always be used to benefit the site.


Trail End's docent pool (group of volunteer tour guides) is made up primarily of Trail End Guilds members. Docents guide tours for school children, senior citizens, bus tour groups and others on an as-needed basis. Docents are not required to commit to a set schedule or number of tours.

​Anyone interested in becoming a Trail End docent needs to participate in one of the museum's docent training sessions. Offered once or twice a year (usually in March or April), the three-hour session includes training on basic visitor information and emergency procedures, techniques for guiding effective tours, and a detailed walk-through of the mansion. Following the training, docents are asked to accompany experienced guides on several tours prior to conducting tours themselves.For more information on Trail End docent training, phone the museum at 307-674-4589 or contact staff by email (   


Trail End staff regularly call on volunteers to assist with decorating (and undecorating) for the annual Holiday Open House, as well as assisting with visitors during the event. While this is the biggest annual event at which volunteers serve, there are other volunteer opportunities in the following areas:

  • Gardening
  • Collections care
  • Research
  • Educational programming
  • Special events


To raise funds for its ongoing projects, the Trail End Guilds sells a variety of items at the Trail End State Historic Site, including books, note cards and postcards. Additional products will be listed as they become available. All can be ordered by contacting the Trail End Guilds (

One Cowboy's Dream

An in-depth look at the man who built Trail End, along with a brief study of the ranching empire he founded, details about the house that was his dream, plus biographies of his wife and children. Written by site superintendent Cynde Georgen.
  • $12.95 (plus tax, shipping & handling)
  • 160 pages, soft cover, indexed, illustrated
  • Donning Company Publishers, 2004  (ISBN 1-57864-239-6)
  • Available at Trail End, Sheridan Stationery, The Sheridan County Museum and

Souvenir Booklet

In addition to dozens of historic photographs and other images, this booklet contains over fifty beautiful color photographs of Trail End, including the Kendrick Mansion, the grounds, and the Carriage House Theater. 

  • $6.95 (plus tax, shipping & handling)
  • 24 pages, soft cover, illustrated
  • Available exclusively at the Trail End State Historic Site

Trail End Note Cards

Created by Kendrick Harmon, youngest grandson of John and Eula Kendrick, these note cards are a great way to show your love of Trail End. 

  • $7.50 (plus tax, shipping & handling)
  • 10 cards and envelopes per pack
  • Available exclusively at the Trail End State Historic Site
  • Trail End Note Cards

The Empire Builders: The Development of Kendrick Cattle Company

Another version of the Kendrick story is given in this book, written and published by Bucky King. Focusing primarily on the Kendrick ranches, the book features a lot of information on the men and women who worked for the company over the years. 

  • $24.95 (plus tax, shipping & handling)
  • 190 pages, soft cover, illustrated
  • Available at Trail End and

Intimate Letters From London

Published in 1928 by Eula Wulfjen Kendrick, this collection of letters was written by Rosa-Maye Kendrick Harmon during her 1927 stay in London. Her delightful prose touches on a myriad of fascinating subjects. A limited number of books have recently been made available for the first time in over eighty years. 

  • $24.95 (plus tax, shipping & handling)
  • 266 pages, hard cover, illustrated
  • Available at Trail End and

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