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For scholars, genealogists or other researchers interested in specific areas of local and regional history, the Trail End archives can be quite valuable. Files, records, archival materials and books are available for in-house use only. Contact Trail End for further information.








Kendrick Family Collection

Includes archival materials from the following families: John and Eula Wulfjen Kendrick, Charles and Ida Peeler Wulfjen, Hugh and Lucy Booth Cumming, Manville and Diana Cumming Kendrick, Hubert and Rosa-Maye Kendrick  Harmon.

  • Primarily 1900-1955; some earlier/later

  • Correspondence with family and friends

  • Magazines and books

  • Genealogical research materials

  • Photographs

  • Finding aid not available at this time

Manville Kendrick Collection

Manville Kendrick, youngest child of John Benjamin and Eula Wulfjen Kendrick, served as Kendrick Cattle Company president for fifty years.

  • Primarily 1900-1982; some earlier/later

  • Kendrick, Cumming and Wulfjen family records

  • Correspondence with family and friends

  • Magazines and books

  • Kendrick and Wulfjen genealogical research materials

  • Photographs

  • Finding aid available

Harmon-Hoff Photo Collection

Hundreds of photographs from several different Kendrick family sources, primarily Rosa-Maye Kendrick Harmon and Ida Peeler Wulfjen.

  • Rosa-Maye Kendrick photograph albums, 1913-1933 circa

  • Eula Wulfjen Kendrick photograph albums, 1897-1920 circa

  • Ida Peeler Wulfjen photograph albums, 1897-1902 circa

  • Formal portraits

  • Partial finding aid available

William Sopris Collection

An entrepreneur and promoter, William S. Sopris was also sports editor for the several Sheridan newspapers during the 1910s and 20s.

  • Newspaper clippings, 1917-1940s

  • Programs, dance cards, tickets, flyers, etc.

  • Dance club posters, radio contest promotional materials

  • Photographs of sports figures, beauty contestants, actors, etc.

  • Partial finding aid available

Cox Book Collection

A ranching neighbor of the Kendricks' in southeast Montana, Elizabeth Botsford Cox collected thousands of books, including many identical to those in the original Kendrick family library. Many of the pre-1933 titles are on exhibit throughout Trail End. Others are available for in-house research.

  • Western history

  • Natural history

  • Poetry and literature, etc.

  • Finding aid available

Construction Era Records

Trail End was built between 1908-1913. Hundreds of construction era documents are contained in this archive. NOTE: Photocopies are available for review at the site. Originals have been transferred to the Wyoming State Archives.  

  • Correspondence with architects, interior designers, etc.

  • Bills of lading, receipts and invoices

  • Preliminary drawings of various rooms and features

  • Specifications for plumbing, plastering, draperies, etc.

  • Correspondence with landscape architects

  • Finding aid available

Trail End Research Archives

Since the house became a state historic site in 1982, staff members have collected materials on a variety of historic house and museum-related subjects.

  • Museum management, volunteer programs, etc.

  • Historic preservation and old house architecture

  • Curation, conservation and exhibition of artifacts

  • Historic house maintenance and restoration

  • Miscellaneous Kendrick family materials

  • Site-related photographs

  • Partial finding aid available

Trail End Research Library

The Trail End Research Library contains hundreds of volumes relating to a wide variety of topics.

  • Western history, Wyoming history, Indian wars, ranching, etc.

  • Museum management, curation and conservation

  • Historic reproduction clothing research and design

  • Early Twentieth Century social history

  • Antiques and collectibles

  • Finding aid available