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Trail End Drawing Room - 2007 (Trail End Collection)

"In the privacy of that beautiful fireside [at Trail End], where he had planned to spend his declining days, the family gathered for the last opportunity to view and honor him who had been for so many years the rod and staff of the happy household."

Robert D. Carey, upon the death of John B. Kendrick, 1933

Trail End was the home of the John B. Kendrick family. A cattleman, politician and entrepreneur, Kendrick was a "mover and shaker" in Wyoming for over half his life. He and his family were involved in many of the great events of their time: World War One, the Jazz Age, the Great Depression, World War Two, and beyond.






John B. Kendrick - 1891 (Trail End Collection)John Benjamin Kendrick

Born in Cherokee Co, Texas, 1857

Died in Sheridan, Wyoming, 1933

Texan John B. Kendrick was orphaned at an early age and raised by relatives until he went out on his own at age fifteen. In 1879, he traveled to Wyoming for the first time as a trail rider on a cattle drive organized by his future father-in-law. Kendrick's political career began in 1910 with his election to the Wyoming State Senate. Six years later, he was elected to the U. S. Senate. In between, he served a partial term as Governor of Wyoming. Many of downtown Sheridan's more substantial buildings were erected with Kendrick money, as were most of the town's city parks. 

Eula Wulfjen Kendrick - 1892 (Trail End Collection)Eula Wulfjen Kendrick

Born in Round Rock, Texas, 1872

Died in San Antonio, Texas, 1961

Eula Wulfjen Kendrick spent her early life in small Texas, Colorado and Wyoming towns. Her father, Charles Wulfjen, was the man who hired John Kendrick for his first Wyoming cattle drive. Eula and John were married in 1891 (she was 18; he was 34) and moved to the OW Ranch in southeast Montana. They lived on the ranch until 1909, at which time they moved to Sheridan, Wyoming, so their children could attend public school. Later, as John's political career blossomed, she spent more and more time in Washington, D.C., New York City, and other locales.  

Rosa-Maye Kendrick - 1911 (Trail End Collection)Rosa-Maye Kendrick

Born in Sheridan, Wyoming, 1897

Died in San Antonio, Texas, 1979

Rosa-Maye Kendrick was the apple of her father's eye and her mother's favorite companion. She spent her early years on the OW Ranch, where she and her brother were both home-schooled by Eula Kendrick. It was during this time that she developed a deep and abiding love for ranch life. She later grew up to become a college graduate, a society debutante, a published author, and a supportive Army wife who lived all over the country with her husband and children. Unlike her brother, she was able to spend very little time at Trail End during her adult years.  

Manville Kendrick - 1912 (Trail End Collection)Manville Kendrick

Born in Sheridan, Wyoming, 1900

Died in Sheridan, Wyoming, 1992

Though raised in the isolation of the OW Ranch, Manville Kendrick was a thoroughly modern young man who appreciated all the finer things in life, particularly music and the theatre. After attending Phillips Exeter Academy, Manville graduated from Harvard College, traveled the world with his family, and ran the Kendrick Cattle Company for fifty years after his father's death. Manville lived at Trail End longer than any of the other Kendricks, moving in with his new bride in 1929, raising his two sons there, and not leaving until 1960.  


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