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Trail End

A Whole-House Exhibit at the Trail End State Historic Site

April 2017 through December 2018

Detail from Poster, "Wake Up America," 1917 (LOC)

Letters Home

Wake Up America!

Life at Home During the War, 1917-1918

DURING THE WAR years, Sheridan's two newspapers, The Sheridan Post and The Sheridan Enterprise, donated considerable space to printing letters home from local soldiers and sailors serving both overseas and stateside. This public service was a great boon for all concerned: 

  • It increased newspaper sales (everyone wanted to read what Johnny was doing).
  • It saved Johnny from having to write letters to everyone (friends and family could read the one letter printed).
  • It increased awareness of what was really going on overseas (official dispatches were more timely, but were rather cold and impersonal).

As part of the Wake Up America exhibit, Trail End is reprinting dozens of these letters. They are being released via social media (Facebook) at the rate of one per week through December 2018. All are archived here for future appreciation. For the most part, we have not changed the spelling of overseas locations, preferring instead to use the sometimes-creative spelling printed in the original articles.