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DURING WORLD WAR One, colleges and universities across the country were transformed into training grounds for members of the Student Army Training Corps. The Utah Agricultural College in Logan was one such school.

In June 1918, twenty-three men from Sheridan were drafted into the army and sent by rail to Fort Logan, where they received training in a wide set of skills before being assigned to their units.

Lee L. Butterfield, a twenty-nine year old self-employed auto mechanic, was one of these men. In his first letter to The Sheridan Daily Enterprise in August 1918, he gives a rundown of where most of these men ended up. As for Butterfield himself, he was assigned to the ordnance department of the 318th Field Artillery; he served overseas. 

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Letters Home - Lee L. Butterfield

Trail End

Editor of the Sheridan Enterprise: I will drop you a few lines to let you know what has become of that famous bunch of 23 that left there on the 13th of June. 

We are all well but [Roy] Graves, and he is still at the college and from the report that was out, will be discharged as soon as the proper blanks are received. 

There are at the college some few who were not assigned at the time of our departure. Those are [Floyd] Range, [Count] Clark, and Smyth* in the auto and chauffeur department; [Henry] Becker in the machinists; [Harry] Coats in the concrete work. 

The boys who were assigned to the heavy artillery truck department were Welch*, Mascher* and [Lloyd] McCoubrey. They go to Camp Taylor, Kentucky. The above boys made good work in the school and are in the repair work. 

The truck drivers who were assigned to Fort Sill, Oklahoma, are Radcliffe* and Hume.* They are in the light field artillery.

[William] Keith was sent to Leavenworth, Kansas, but not to jail, as he is in the signal service as a wireless operator.

[Clarence] Reynolds goes to New Mexico as a Carpenter. [Sam] Chachas is assigned to the air service as carpenter at Omaha. Lynch* is kept at the college as sergeant. [W. E.] Murphy is company clerk. [George] Urmson is held as instructor in auto mechanics for the next term of 60 days. [Roy] Adsit goes to the quartermaster corps as horseshoer and is sent to Fort Bliss, Texas. Hoffman* is sent to Washington, D.C. in the cement department ... I suppose Edward Saberhagen* was transferred some time ago to the mechanical engineers and was sent to Salt Lake.

As for the ordnance department, there were two in that - [Austin] Johnson and yours truly. We go to Georgia where the watermelons grow.

Sheridan can feel proud of her bunch of 23, as they will sure make music that won't sound good to the Kaiser's ears, and if he happens to meet one of them, it would not be healthy for him. 

Take the entire bunch that was out at the Agricultural College at Fort Logan, Utah. They were all fine fellows and gentlemen from the ground up. It was almost a 100 per cent Wyoming camp. The only two that were not Wyoming men were the two lieutenants. Our captain was a Laramie man - Captain John Frazee - and a finer captain or commander never walked. I guess that there wasn't much that the men wouldn't have gone through for him.  

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