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April 2016 - December 2016

Kendrick's Paper Legacy

​EVERY POLITICIAN LEAVES in his wake an ocean of paperwork, some of it trivial and some of it history-making. John Kendrick was no different, and we are fortunate that so many of his papers, both personal and political, have been preserved in public institutions.

A great deal of John’s personal correspondence – including that carried on with family members – is housed at Trail End, along with hundreds of photographs. Eula Kendrick’s extensive genealogical records are archived here and, in the future, we hope to obtain her personal diaries as well as those of her daughter, Rosa-Maye. These provide valuable information as to the daily lives of the Kendricks and what it was like to live at Trail End, the Governors’ Mansion, and in Washington D.C.

More of the family’s personal papers and photographs are archived at the American Heritage Center, a world-class research facility located at the University of Wyoming in Laramie. Documents related to Kendrick’s time as Governor of Wyoming are housed at the Wyoming State Archives in Cheyenne. These include such things as correspondence, proclamations, pardons, expense reports and, of course, legislative documents.



COLLECTIONS IN THE Trail End archives include everything from handwritten love letters between John and Eula to 1931 snapshots of Sheridan’s first beauty contest participants. Most can be accessed by the public, as long as arrangements are made in advance.

Specific collections include:

  • The Kendrick Family Collection (papers from the Kendricks and their in-laws)
  • The Manville Kendrick Collection (records, correspondence and photographs)
  • The Hoff Photo Collection (family portraits and snapshots)
  • The William Sopris Collection (1910s and 1920s Sheridan history)
  • The Cox Book Collection (Western history, natural history and literature)
  • Trail End Construction Era Records (Trail End history, 1908-1914)
  • The Trail End Research Archives (historic house and museum-related subjects)
  • The Trail End Research Library (Western history, antiques, historic clothing, etc.)

Four Wyoming Governors (AHC)

John B. Kendrick to Eula Kendrick, 1912 (Kendrick Collection, TESHS)

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