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Trail End


RESEARCHING THE HISTORY of Trail End and its construction has been a fascinating, ongoing project. By sorting through hundreds of documents – blueprints, drawings, correspondence, diaries, newspaper accounts and photographs – we have learned more than just what a room looked like when it was built and how much it cost. In some instances, we’ve learned why a given room was designed and built the way it was, what changes were made over the years, and what family members were thinking at the time they made their decisions.

“Home Is Where The History Is” focuses solely on Trail End – its construction, its furnishings and its occupants – as well as what went into making it the historic treasure it is today.

 (SCFPL Collection, TESHS)

"This home they call Trail End, because to them it was the end of the cattle trail which began in Matagorda Bay in 1879 and ended in Sheridan, Wyoming."

Cora M. Beach in Women of Wyoming, 1927​​

Trail End blueprints (Trail End Archival Collection)

A Whole-House Exhibit at the Trail End State Historic Site
​March 2003 - December 2006

Home Is Where the History Is

Design, Construction & Decoration of Trail End, 1908-1913