PART OF THE continuing mission of the Trail End State Historic Site is to educate visitors - both children and adults - about the importance of the site and its former inhabitants. Towards that end, staff have prepared an Educational Resource Program aimed primarily towards elementary school children, but useful for anyone desiring fun and interesting ways to learn not just about Trail End, but their own lives and neighborhoods as well.

In 2004, Trail End developed an educational resource program entitled Home Is Where the History Is: The Story of Trail End, the Kendrick Family, and Life in Sheridan, 1913-1933. The purpose of the program is to acquaint teachers and students with the Trail End State Historic Site, the people who lived there, and its relationship with the local, regional and national community. It focuses primarily on the history of Trail End's structures and grounds, the Kendrick family, and the domestic staff residing in the house between 1913 and 1933. Additional attention is paid to daily life in Sheridan and across America during the same time period.

In September 2004, Trail End's success in using the program in the promotion and preservation of Wyoming history was recognized by the Wyoming State Historical Society with a first place award for Best Activities Program. Later that month, through the generous support of the Sheridan Retired School Employees Association and First Interstate Bank, the CD-based educational resource program and accompanying handbook were distributed free of charge to over four hundred elementary schools throughout Wyoming.

It is anticipated that students using Home Is Where the History Is will gain:

  • An increased understanding of the construction and design features of Trail End and its environs
  • A clear understanding of the Kendrick family and their relationship with their home
  • A better understanding of domestic service from the viewpoint of both the server and the served
  • An understanding of everyday life in Sheridan and other Wyoming towns between 1913 and 1933
  • An increased understanding of changing technologies and their impact on the lives of everyday people
  • The ability to compare and contrast their lifestyle to that of the Kendrick family
  • The ability to evaluate objects and structures and understand their importance as both objects of use and historic artifacts
  • A familiarity with the concepts of context, historic preservation, adaptive use and public ownership

The materials provided are centered around an actual visit to the Trail End State Historic Site. Pre-visit materials and activities will help to prepare students for their visit. Post-visit activities will reinforce their experience at the museum. No exercises are designed specifically for use during the site visit – we want students to listen carefully to their tour guide while simultaneously enjoying their visit to the facility.

Each section is designed to address one or more of the Wyoming State Standards in Social Studies, Language Arts, Mathematics, Fine Arts, Science, and/or Career/Vocational Education.

Materials can be used in a variety of educational settings:

  • Regular classrooms
  • Home-school programs
  • Independent study/extra credit

All materials can be adapted to the needs of the individual student or class. Several components are stand-alone activities that can be utilized even without a visit to Trail End.

The Home Is Where the History Is educational resource program includes:

  • Site visit information and background materials for teachers and students
  • Pre- and post-visit readings, projects, vocabulary, exercises, activities, discussion questions and testing materials on the following subjects:
    • Trail End Historic Site (​Historic House Exhibits, Trail End Search-a-Word, ​Museum Stories)
    • Trail End Inside and Out (​Trail End Technology, Stained Glass Windows, ​Neighborhood Stories)
    • Trail End Grounds (​A Bird's Eye View of Home, Leaf Identification, Tree Stories)
    • John Benjamin Kendrick (​John Kendrick Crossword, Texas Trail Maze, Cowboy Stories)
    • Eula Wulfjen Kendrick (Scrapbook Memories, A Trip to Town, Main Street Stories)
    • Rosa-Maye Kendrick (​Epigram on Rosa-Maye, Keeping a Daily Diary, Rhyming Stories)
    • Manville Kendrick (​Manville Word Puzzle, Jazz Age Slang, Branding Stories)
    • Trail End Employees (​Help Wanted, Shopping for Dinner, Money Stories)
    • The Kendricks at Home (​Climbing Family Trees, Letters from Trail End, Life Stories)
    • Trail End Time Line (​Personal Time Line, Change & Progress, ​Time Stories)
  • Over fifty illustrations and historic photographs the Kendrick family, Trail End, early Sheridan, and the Kendrick ranches
  • Evaluation materials

Copies of the Home Is Where the History Is CD and accompanying handbook can be ordered from the Trail End Guilds, Inc., sales agent for the Trail End State Historic Site. To keep the program affordable for both educational institutions and home-schoolers, the cost has been set at a low $10.00. This covers the cost of the CD and accompanying handbook as well as tax, shipping and handling.

To order a copy of the Home Is Where the History Is educational resource program, please send a check or money order for $10.00 per set (CD and handbook) to:

Trail End Guilds, Inc.
400 Clarendon Avenue
Sheridan, Wyoming 82801

Please specify how many copies you wish to purchase and the amount of money enclosed. Include your name, institution name, mailing address, city, state, zip code, and telephone number. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact Trail End.


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