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EXTENSIVE WORK HAS been done on the Kendrick-Wulfjen-Harmon-Cumming family genealogies. While much of the early research on the immediate family was conducted by Eula Wulfjen Kendrick in the 1930s and 1940s, additional work has been done by Trail End staff and more recent Kendrick family members. Here is a brief look at several generations of each family. For more information, contact Trail End. 


BENJAMIN KENDRICK (born 1765 in North Carolina; died 1805 in Georgia; son of James Kendrick & Susannah Roberson) married RUTH HARVEY (born 1773 in Virginia; died 1799 in Georgia; daughter of John & Margaret Harvey) in 1789. They had a son, Isaac Harvey.

  • ISAAC HARVEY KENDRCK (born 1799 in Georgia; died 1842 in Texas) married PHEBE TUCKER MORELAND (born 1802 in Georgia; died 1863 in Texas; parentage unknown). They had a son, John Harvey.
    • JOHN HARVEY KENDRICK (born 1821 in Georgia; died 1860 in Texas) married ANNA MAYE (daughter of Teddy Maye; see below) in 1856. They had a son, John Benjamin.
      • JOHN BENJAMIN KENDRICK (born 1857 in Texas; died 1933 in Wyoming) married EULA WULFJEN ​(daughter of Charles William Wulfjen & Ida Josephine Peeler; see below) in 1891. They had two children, Rosa-Maye and Manville.
        • ROSA-MAYE KENDRICK (born 1897 in Wyoming; died 1979 in Texas) married HUBERT REILLY HARMON (son of Millard Fillmore Harmon & Madelin Kendig; see below) in 1927. They had two children.
        • MANVILLE KENDRICK (born 1900 in Wyoming; died 1992 in Wyoming) married CLARA DIANA CUMMING (daughter of Hugh Smith Cumming & Lucille Elmira Booth; see below) in 1929. They had two children.

TEDDY MAYE (born and died in Ireland; parentage unknown) married an unidentified woman. They had a daughter, Anna.

  • ANNA MAYE (born 1833 in Ireland; died 1863 in Texas) married JOHN HARVEY KENDRICK (see above).


JOHANN HEINRICH WULFJEN (born 1790 in Germany; death date and parentage unknown) married MARIA DOROTHEA ROPKEN (born 1790 in Germany; death date and parentage unknown) before 1811. They had a son, John Ernest.

  • JOHN ERNEST WULFJEN (born 1811 in Germany; died 1853 in Missouri) married SUSAN HAIL (daughter of Thomas Hail & Catherine Dye; see below) in 1842. They had a son, Charles William.
    • CHARLES WILLIAM WULFJEN (born 1853 in Arkansas; died 1921 in Wyoming) married IDA JOSEPHINE PEELER (daughter of James Peeler & Amanda Layless; see below) in 1869. They had a daughter, Eula.
      • EULA WULFJEN (born 1872 in Texas; died 1961 in Texas) married JOHN BENJAMIN KENDRICK (see above).

THOMAS HAIL (born 1786 in North Carolina; died 1882 in Texas; son of Dudley Hail & Susannah Durham) married CATHERINE DYE (born 1788 in Virginia; died 1822 in Kentucky; daughter of Martin Dye & Catherine Mayfield) in 1806. They had a daughter, Susan.

  • SUSAN HAIL (born 1816 in Kentucky; died 1892 in Texas) married JOHN ERNEST WULFJEN (see above).

JACOB PEELER (born 1793 in Georgia; died 1846 in Florida; son of Anthony Peeler & Mary Williams) married SARAH MARTIN (born 1802 in Georgia; died 1854 in Florida; parentage unknown) in 1814. They a son, James.

  • JAMES PEELER (born 1817 in Georgia; died 1900 in Texas) married AMANDA LAYLESS (born 1819 in Georgia; died 1892 in Texas; parentage uncertain) in 1836. They had a daughter, Ida Josephine.
    • IDA JOSEPHINE PEELER (born 1853 in Florida; died 1927 in Arizona) married CHARLES WILLIAM WULFJEN (see above).


GEORGE HARMON (born 1801 in Pennsylvania; died 1874 in Pennsylvania; son of George & Catherine M. Harmon) married MARY MATTER (born 1801; died 1852; parentage unknown) before 1826. They had a son, George Washington.

  • GEORGE WASHINGTON HARMON (born 1826 in Pennsylvania; died 1908 in Kansas) married ANN MILLER BLACKBURN (daughter of Thomas Blackburn & Jane Miller; see below) in 1855. They had a son, Millard Fillmore.
    • MILLARD FILLMORE HARMON (born 1856 in Pennsylvania; died 1922 in Washington, DC) married MADELIN KENDIG (daughter of Henry Bowman Kendig & Margaretta Rippey Raum; see below) in 1881. They had a son, Hubert Reilly.
      • HUBERT REILLY HARMON (born 1895 in Pennsylvania; died 1957 in Texas) married ROSA-MAYE KENDRICK (see above).

THOMAS BLACKBURN (born 1796 in Pennsylvania; died 1871; son of Thomas Blackburn & Sarah Griffith) married JANE MILLER (born 1797 in Pennsylvania; died 1874 in Pennsylvania; daughter of Robert Miller & Jane Williams) in 1819. They had a daughter, Ann Miller.

  • ANN MILLER BLACKBURN (born 1824 in Pennsylvania; died 1862 in Pennsylvania) married GEORGE WASHINGTON HARMON (see above).

JACOB KENDIG (born 1809 in Pennsylvania; died 1891; son of Tobias Kendig & Mary Bowman) married SUSAN REIFSNYDER (born in Pennsylvania; died 1842 in Pennsylvania; parentage unknown) before 1833. They had a son, Henry Bowman.

  • HENRY BOWMAN KENDIG (born 1833 in Pennsylvania; died 1900 in Pennsylvania) married MARGARET RIPPEY RAUM (daughter of Henry Clay Raum & Harriet Bailey; see below) in 1856. They had a daughter, Madelin.
    • MADELIN KENDIG (born 1857 in Pennsylvania; died 1947 in Texas) married MILLARD FILLMORE HARMON (see above).

HENRY RAUM (born about 1814; son of John Raum & Catherine Rippey) married HARRIET BAILEY (born 1815 in Pennsylvania; died 1896 in Pennsylvania; parentage unknown) before 1834. They had a daughter, Margaretta Rippey.

  • MARGARETTA RIPPEY RAUM (born 1834 in Pennsylvania; died 1896 in Pennsylvania) married HENRY BOWMAN KENDIG (see above).


​JOHN CUMMING (born 1792 in Scotland; died 1832 in Maryland; son of Mister Cumming & Jean Gordon) married MARGARET WATSON (born 1890 in Scotland; died in Maryland; parentage unknown) before 1816. They had a son, Samuel.

  • SAMUEL CUMMING (born 1816 in Scotland; died 1907 in Virginia) married DIANA WHITING SMITH (daughter of Charles Lawrence Smith & Susanne Latimer; see below) in 1868. They had a son, Hugh Smith.
    • HUGH SMITH CUMMING (born 1869 in Virginia; died 1948 in Washington, DC) married LUCY ELMIRA BOOTH (daughter of Edwin Gilliam Booth & Clara Haxall Thomson; see below) in 1896. They had a daughter, Clara Diana.
      • ​CLARA DIANA CUMMING (born 1901 in Georgia; died 1987 in Wyoming) married MANVILLE KENDRICK (see above). 

CHARLES LAWRENCE SMITH (born 1813 in Virginia; died 1876 in Virginia; son of John Tabb Smith & Diana Mallory) married SUSANNE LATIMER (born 1816 in Virginia; died 1900 in Virginia; daughter of Thomas Latimer & Whiting Jennings) in 1868. They had a daughter, Diana Whiting.

  • DIANA WHITING SMITH (born 1836 in Virginia; died 1917 in Virginia) married SAMUEL CUMMING (see above).

EDWIN GILLIAM BOOTH (born 1810 in Virginia; died 1886 in Virginia; son of Gilliam Booth & Rebecca Hicks) married SARAH TANNER JONES (born 1911; died 1960; daughter of Archer Jones & Frances Brand Scott) in 1833. They had a son, Edwin Gilliam.

  • EDWIN GILLIAM BOOTH (born 1839 in Virginia; died 1922 in Virginia) married CLARA HAXALL THOMSON (daughter of John Augustus Thomson & Mary Elizabeth Scott; see below) in 1870. They had a daughter, Lucy Elmira.
    • LUCY ELMIRA BOOTH (born 1871 in West Virginia; died 1960 in Virginia) married HUGH SMITH CUMMING (see above).

JOHN AUGUSTUS THOMSON (born 1805; died 1888; son of John Thomson & Lucy Rootes Throckmorton) married MARY ELIZABETH SCOTT (born 1821 in Virginia; daughter of Beverly Roy Scott & Almira Lewis Anderson) in 1838. They had a daughter, Clara Haxall. 

  • CLARA HAXALL THOMSON (born 1849 in Virginia; died 1925 in Virginia) married EDWIN GILLIAM BOOTH (see above).