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 (Trail End Collection)

"There was the house of which I had heard – the most beautiful abiding place through whose portals I have ever entered.."

C. P. Arnold to John B. Kendrick, 1913​​

Trail End, 1913 (Kendrick Collection, TESHS)

A Whole-House Exhibit at the Trail End State Historic Site

April 2013 - December 2013


​IN JULY 1909, local builder Frank Ferguson was asked by a newspaper reporter to discuss new homes under construction in Sheridan:

We are building for Mr. J. B. Kendrick a magnificent residence. The house is designed on broad and generous lines. The house, which is well situated in the center of a large lot of several acres, will cost, including the stable, about $40,000, and will take nearly a year to complete.

Unfortunately, Ferguson’s timeline was not accurate; it took four more years and over $164,000 before the Kendricks were able to move into their new home. Another six months went by before the home was done enough to warrant a formal open house (New Year’s Day 1914). But the wait was worth it!

For many years, Trail End was the grandest house in Sheridan and one of the largest in Wyoming. Its four acres of groomed grounds – the first professionally landscaped private grounds in the state – provide a perfect setting for the jewel that is Trail End.

Purchased by the Sheridan County Historical Society in 1968 and given to the State of Wyoming in 1982, Trail End has aged beautifully over the years. Based in part on a previous exhibit (Home Is Where the History Is), From Dream Home to Historic House celebrates this wonderful home and the family who occupied it for its first fifty years. Trail End is now known far and wide as Wyoming’s premier historic house museum. We think you will discover why as you learn more about this over-100-year-old treasure.

From Dream Home to Historic House

One Hundred Years of Trail End History, 1913-2013