(Carbert, TESHS)

First Day Hike 

Trail End

​Next New Year’s Day, put down the snacks, turn off the telly and take a hike! Take a First Day Hike, that is.

As in recent years, the Trail End State Historic Site in Sheridan will be participating in the First Day Hike program – a twenty-plus year old national initiative designed to encourage not only a healthy and active lifestyle, but an appreciation for the nation’s parks and historic sites.

Starting at Trail End at 10:00 a.m., New Year’s Day (January 1, 2020 - it's a Wednesday), local participants will walk a path through the northwest corner of town that includes the Trail End grounds, the City of Sheridan’s buffalo and elk pasture, the Sheridan County fairgrounds, new and historic neighborhoods, several ponds, a couple of historic trails and more.

Park staff and volunteers will lead the hike, which is about two miles long. Comprised of relatively gentle slopes, the trail should be fine for hikers of all ages, including those in strollers. Leashed pets are welcome. The hike will conclude at the Kendrick Mansion, where hot cocoa and snacks will be offered.

There is no charge for the First Day Hike. Unless they're in strollers, the hike is not appropriate for children under eight. Dogs are welcome, but must be leashed.

The weather on New Year’s Day is normally pretty wintery. Participants are urged to wear appropriate clothing, including gloves, hats and comfortable boots. Hikers are also encouraged to bring their cameras; photos of the event will be posted on Trail End’s website (www.trailend.org) and social media outlets.

For more information, contact Trail End at 307-674-4589 or trailend@wyo.gov.

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