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Family Timeline, 1830s - 1870s  


THE MID-1800s were years of great change in America. In the 1830s and 1840s, farmers from the southern United States left their over-worked fields and headed west to the wide open expanse of Texas. Escaping famine and political strife, emigrants from Ireland and Germany joined their ranks in ever-increasing numbers, while Scottish immigrants made their way to Virginia and the Carolinas.

During the Civil War, many of these sons of the south - both native-born and immigrant - fought for the Confederate cause. When the conflict was over, and when the last of the Plains Indians had been restlessly settled on reservations, the various branches of the Texas Trail were the means by which cowboys and cattle journeyed from the banks of the Red River to the grasslands of Wyoming. 

As you can see from the following timeline, the Kendrick, Wulfjen and Cumming families were all part of this great story of migration and conflict (the Harmons were northerners who stayed put in Pennsylvania and fought for the North during the Civil War).   

1833   John B. Kendrick (JBK)'s mother Anna Maye born in Ireland

1835   JBK's father (John Harvey Kendrick) and grandfather (Isaac Harvey Kendrick) move from Georgia to Texas

1843   Eula Wulfjen Kendrick (EWK)'s father Charles William Wulfjen born in Arkansas

1853   EWK's mother Ida Josephine Peeler born in Florida

1856   EWK's father moves from Florida to Texas

1856   JBK's parents marry in Texas

1856   Hubert Reilly Harmon (HRH)'s father Millard Fillmore Harmon born in Pennsylvania

1857   JBK born in Cherokee County, Texas

1858   HRH's mother Madeline Kendig born in Pennsylvania

1859   JBK's sister Rosa born in Cherokee County

1860   JBK's father John Harvey Kendrick dies

1863   JBK's grandmother Phebe Tucker Moreland Kendrick dies

1865   JBK's mother Anna Maye Kendrick dies

1868   JBK moves in with half-sister Mary Kendrick Reavis

1869   EWK's parents marry in Texas

1869   Diana Cumming Kendrick (DCK)'s father Hugh Smith Cumming born in Virginia

1870   EWK's sister Martha born in Gatesville, Texas

1871   DCK's mother Lucy Elmira Booth born in West Virginia

1872   EWK born near Round Rock, Texas

1873   EWK moves with family to Cheyenne, Wyoming Territory

1873   EWK's father starts Mule Shoe Ranch in southeastern Wyoming

1874   EWK's brother Clarence born in Cheyenne

1876   JBK gets job breaking horses for room and board

1876   EWK's sister Edna is born in Cheyenne

1877   EWK's sister Edna dies in Cheyenne

1879   JBK makes first trip to Wyoming with cattle herd

1879   EWK and JBK meet for the first time, at ULA Ranch

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