State Historic Site

Trail End

 (Trail End Collection)

TRAIL END STAFF have developed a number of educational programs, some based on history; others ... not so much:

  • TechnoPast  Like a chocolate-vanilla swirl ice cream cone, this program combines history with technology to create a tasty treat for students in grades six through twelve. 

  • Junior Curators  Part of Kids eXtreme, this program for kids grades six through eight lets them go beyond the plexiglass doors and into the collections to let them actually TOUCH the STUFF!

  • Home Is Where the History Is  With readings, exercises, activities and even a quiz or two, this classroom-based program teaches about more than just Trail End; it gets kids motivated to explore their own lives and neighborhoods. 

  • The Living Laboratory  This collection of site-based and hands-on science activities is custom-designed to introduce local teachers (third through eighth grades) to the wealth of learning opportunities available on the grounds at the Trail End State Historic Site. Funded in part by Dining For a Cause, the Trail End Guilds, the Wyoming Community Foundation, and Wyoming State Parks, Historic Sites & Trails.

  • With an Eye to the Past  This fledgling program contains a small variety of in-class presentations and little projects for people of all ages, from word games to tree identification. When it grows up, we hope it will contain a LARGE variety of in-class presentations and little projects for people of all ages!​​

Educational Programs