Parking is available on Clarendon, Delphi and Victoria streets. Handicapped parking only is allowed on site, near the rear (west) entrance. ​Please do not park in the front (east) circular drive.


A wheelchair ramp is located in the circular drive near the west entrance, as are two handicapped parking spots.​Although an elevator runs from the basement to the third floor, be advised that it will not accommodate some full-sized adult wheelchairs.


TRAIL END'S STREET address is 400 Clarendon Avenue. Because we're located in a residential area, we're not the easiest place to find. The best route for those arriving from out of town is as follows:

  • Take the Fifth Street exit off Interstate 90 (exit 23)
  • Turn west towards Sheridan on Highway 336 (Fifth Street)
  • Continuing west on Fifth Street, you will go down a hill, over the railroad tracks, past the Sheridan Inn, through two sets of stop lights, over the Goose Creek bridge, and up Fifth Street hill
  • Halfway up the hill, turn left on Clarendon Avenue
  • Trail End will be visible where the street dead ends

Finding Trail End

Trail End

 State Historic Site