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Trail End

​Construction Timeline

ALTHOUGH JOHN KENDRICK purchased the land upon which Trail End stands in 1895, he waited a dozen years before making the decision to begin building his "dream home."


  • John and Eula begin search for architect


  • Glenn Charles McAlister of Billings, Montana, chosen as architect
  • Ferguson & Pearson begin foundation excavation


  • Walls and roof in place
  • Rough electrical and plumbing work begins
  • Stonework ordered and installed
  • Walk-in vault installed
  • Lindner Manufacturing Co. hired to do woodwork


  • Carriage House completed; Kendrick family moves in
  • Eula Kendrick begins shopping for furnishings
  • Miller, Stewart & Beaton hired to do interior decorating
  • Hamling Tile hired to do tile and marble work
  • Plans in place for installation of pipe organ
  • Construction halts in early spring due to cash flow problems caused by drought


  • Work on house begins again in early autumn
  • D. Everett Waid hired as interior designer
  • Morell & Nichols begin work on landscaping plan


  • Burgess & Granden begin creating Trail End's custom light fixtures
  • F. M. Hamling dies; tile work continues under Omaha Marble
  • Interior woodwork begins arriving by train
  • Plumbing fixtures installed
  • Work begins on grading for landscaping


  • Window screens ordered and installed
  • Stationary cleaner installed
  • Intercoms installed
  • First boiler begins to fail
  • Beaton & Laier take over interior decorating work
  • Furnishings begin arriving from Grand Rapids
  • Burgess & Granden warehouse and store burns down
  • Family moves into Trail End in July
  • Fuller Studio takes room portraits


  • First Open House held on New Year's Day
  • Plumbing  & electrical work continues
  • First group of trees planted on grounds
  • John elected Governor in November


  • Kendrick family moves to Cheyenne
  • Sidewalks poured
  • Furnace still causing problems
  • Lawn planted; landscaping finished

Carriage House construction, 1909 (Hoff Collection, TESHS)

A Whole-House Exhibit at the Trail End State Historic Site
​March 2003 - December 2006

Home Is Where the History Is

Design, Construction & Decoration of Trail End, 1908-1913

Trail End blueprints (Trail End Archival Collection)