SINCE 1989, TRAIL End's newsletter, Trail End Notes (formerly The Volunteer Voice) has published articles of interest to members of the Trail End Guilds. Some have focused on Trail End and the Kendrick family, others on curatorial issues, and still others on miscellaneous research topics such as the Golden Age of Radio and home canning.

Most of the following articles are from back issues of Trail End Notes. Others are from The Buzz, the newsletter of the now-defunct Western Alliance of Historic Structures and Properties (reproduced here with the author's permission).


In the days before telephones, computers, email and text messaging, people communicated through the written word. Letters were sent back and forth between parties on matters both great and small: invitations to dinner, disposition of property, hirings and firings, etc. For today's researchers, the Kendrick family's tendency to keep copies of letters both written and received has proven a blessing. Correspondence has been located on many topics, from personal and business relationships to the building of their home and ranch. The following collections of excerpts from Kendrick family correspondence were first presented in Trail End Notes.


The Kendricks and their kin lived interesting lives. Fortunately for researchers, they kept a number of diaries, scrapbooks and letters chronicling their lives. Most of the following articles, based on research in the archives of the Trail End State Historic Site, the American Heritage Center and the Wyoming State Archives, were originally published in Trail End Notes. Others were presented as programs at meetings of the Trail End Guilds.


For over 100 years, Trail End and its environs have been poked at, prodded and studied by family, guests, visitors, scholars and staff. Some of what we have discovered is revealed in these articles, reprinted from Trail End Notes.


At Trail End, the staff spends a great deal of time ensuring that the collections - furnishings, textiles, photographs and archival materials - are cared for in a professional manner. Just as we want the artifacts in our possession to last a long time, we want the private collections of our friends to last far into the future as well. Toward that end, we periodically print articles of interest to the home collector. The following articles of curatorial interest were originally published in either Trail End Notes or The Buzz


Part of the reason staff work at Trail End is because they love history - particularly local history. And they love to write about it. The articles reprinted here relate either to localized events or how world events impacted the Sheridan area. 



As part of Trail End's 2017-2018 exhibit, "Wake Up, America: Life at Home During the War, 1917-1918," we'll be posting excerpts from correspondence received from Sheridan area soldiers and sailors stationed both on the front lines and in America. CLICK HERE to see the list of correspondents. 


Every now and then, Trail End staff uncover information of interest that they just can't help but share with Trail End Guilds members. The following articles were first presented in either Trail End Notes or The Buzz.


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