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From the Wedding Books of Rosa-Maye Kendrick Harmon and Diana Cumming Kendrick

THE TRAIL END archives contain many different items: letters, photographs, newspaper clippings, flyers and posters; you name it, we have it. One interesting item is a fragment of a newspaper clipping describing the wedding of John B. Kendrick and Eula WUlfjen, celebrated on January 21, 1891, at the Methodist church in Greeley, Colorado. As part of the article, the correspondent enumerated the many gifts received by the happy couple. In addition to the "elegant diamond earrings" given to the bride by the groom (their $400 price tag in 1891 translates - with inflation - to over $10,000 in today's dollars), were were dozens of gifts from dishes and tableware to opera glasses and sofa pillows (see the partial list below).

Two other interesting objects are the wedding books of Rosa-Maye Kendrick Harmon and her sister-in-law, Diana Cumming Kendrick. Looking through them we see all the things a 1920s high-society bride enjoyed: parties, dances, teas, new clothes and a whole host of wedding gifts.

Rosa-Maye Kendrick received over 370 gifts celebrating her 1927 marriage to Hubert Reilly Harmon. Two years later, Diana Cumming - and Manville, of course - were the recipients of nearly six hundred gifts. These ridiculously long lists are reproduced here to give the modern bride an idea of how things used to be. Just imagine writing all the thank you notes - by hand!


  • Books - Art and Song, Burns' Poems, and Katrina 
  • Dishes - An after dinner set of china cups & saucers with oxidized silver handles & gold bowls, another set of after dinner coffee cups and saucers, a silver sugar basket with matching cream pitcher, and a set of china plates
  • Linens - a full supply of table and bed linens and a set of sofa pillows
  • Serving Pieces - a double set of silver mounted carving knives & forks in handsome plush case, another carving set, a silver berry spoon
  • Miscellaneous - a triplicate mirror, a match safe, opera glasses in a plush case, and a carpet sweeper


  • Artwork - two Gollings etchings, two unidentified etchings, framed Japanese embroidery, an oil painting, two watercolor paintings, and seven framed photographs without description
  • Beverage Sets - two silver coffee sets, a percolating coffee set with tray, a silver sugar & creamer set, two silver cocktail shaker sets, a glass tea stand with silver trim, three silver tea strainers, and a Spanish tea strainer
  • Books The Works of Ben WarmanBetween OurselvesGrandon of Sierra, Keats' Poetical Works, two copies of My Trip AbroadOur Chimes, two copies of the Oxford Book of VersePicturesque Great BritainRomantic Comedians, two sets of Sandburg’s Lincoln, an 1809 edition of Shakespeare’s WorksSoul of the BibleTales From the X Bar Horse Camp, and Turner’s Visions of Rome
  • Book Accessories - two sets of ship bookends, one pair of peacock bookends, one set of Rookwood bookends, a leather book cover, a blue book rack, and a silver book rack
  • Bottles - Two glass cologne bottles and a set of crystal oil and vinegar bottles
  • Bouquets - five bouquets of roses & carnations
  • Bowls - eleven assorted silver bowls, one hand-beaten silver bowl, one round silver bowl with small ladle, one deep serving bowl, two salad bowls, one small mayonnaise bowl, one glass bowl with silver edgings, one gold bowl, one blue Venetian glass bowl, a china honey bowl, a blue crystal bowl with silver base, a green crystal bowl with matching candlesticks, a china flower bowl with cupids, an 1830 glass flower bowl, a gold flower bowl, a pottery flower bowl, two silver flower bowls, an Italian fruit bowl with lattice pattern, a perforated silver fruit bowl, and a set of Viennese glass berry bowls
  • Boxes - a bronze lacquer box, a silver dressing table box, a gold jewelry box, a lacquer box with jade jars, a plum leather box, a China box with fruit and flower design, a Rookwood cigar box, two brass cigarette boxes, a gilt cigarette box, two pottery cigarette boxes, and a silver cigarette box
  • Candlesticks - eight assorted brass candlesticks, fourteen silver candlesticks, eight monogrammed silver candlesticks, and an undetermined number of white candlesticks
  • Cases - a blue leather case with four bottles, a tan leather case with bottles, a blue silk lingerie case, a lace lingerie case, a black traveling case, a green leather writing case, and a monogrammed English traveling bag
  • Cash - $589.00
  • Clocks - two leather traveling clocks, a wooden boudoir clock, a flat rectangular silver clock, a round antique Florentine clock, a lavender enameled clock in case, a small New Haven easel clock, a blue leather clock, and a New England ship's bells clock
  • Clothing - a Japanese kimono, a chiffon negligee, a coral pink nightgown, a white satin nightgown, and a Chinese skirt, a paisley shawl, a pink shawl with roses, and a fringed white Spanish shawl 
  • Cups - Six china bouillon cups, fourteen silver coffee cups with cases; twelive silver coffee cups with saucers, six coffee cups with standards, twenty-four silver sherbet cups; several hammered silver sherbet cups, several tall silver sherbet cups, two  monogrammed silver nut cups
  • Desk Sets - a 5-piece painted desk set, a 5-piece Dresden desk set, and a Shaeffer desk set
  • Dishes - fourteen silver bonbon dishes, a bonbon basket, a gold-encrusted triple bonbon dish, a white bonbon dish, one yellow china covered dish, one small gold dish with flower design, a silver pickle dish, two silver serving dishes, one silver vegetable dish, one china nut dish with gold handle, a Chinese jade fruit set, two antique Bristol glass sweetmeat jars, three silver jelly servers with matching dishes, a mustard pot, three silver compotes, an amber glass compotiere, and three silver compotieres
  • Door Stops - two basket door stop, a stone eagle door stop
  • Flatware - one full set of sterling silver flatware, six coffee spoons, a set of silver West Point coffee spoons, six assorted silver spoons, six silver teaspoons
  • Frames - two gilt frames, a gold frame, four silver frames, and a rhinestone frame
  • Glasses - twelve gold-edged liqueur glasses, six colored liqueur glasses, twelve amber crystal wine glasses, twelve sherbet glasses in silver cases, and six silver goblets
  • Jewelry - a gold Venetian bracelet, a jade fob, and an opal ring
  • Lamps - two candle lamps, a fancy lamp, and a parchment lampshade
  • Linens - a blue & white cotton bedspread, two silk comforters, a blue-bordered breakfast set, six embroidered linens, a pink & gold handkerchief, an Italian brocade cloth, four luncheon set with matching napkins, a Japanese luncheon set, three Italian linen luncheon sets, a butterfly muffin cloth, twenty-four Madiera napkins, five pillowcases, a filet lace table runner, several hemstitched square cloths, three linen tablecloths with matching napkins, a black moire tablecloth, a square Battenburg lace tablecloth, a rose-colored throw, a Madiera toast cover, two sets of embroidered towels, three hand-trimmed towels, two monogrammed towels, four sachet bags, and a Venetian lace tray cloth 
  • Pillows - one heart-shaped boudoir pillow and a round lavender pillow
  • Pitchers - two sterling silver water pitchers and a syrup pitcher
  • Plates - a blue & gold Limoge cake plate, a metal cake plate with handle, a large Dresden plate, a gold plate with handles, four silver sandwich plates, a Dutch silver plate with sectioned edge, a large monogrammed silver plate, a small monogrammed silver plate, twelve silver bread & butter plates, a silver plate with six sections, twelve Dresden plates, and a silver meat platter
  • Purses - a beaded purse, a green leather purse, a green metal cloth purse, and a Moroccan leather purse
  • Serving Pieces - four pairs of silver sugar tongs, three assorted silver pie knives, four assorted silver ladles, three spoon and fork salad sets, two silver serving forks, a silver pie fork, a silver salad fork, a silver meat fork, a monogrammed silver berry spoon, a fruit spoon with flowered bowl, a monogrammed silver serving spoon, and a silver filigree spoon
  • Smoking Sets - a cloisonne smoking set, two brass humidors, and four silver ashtrays
  • Sugars & Spices - two sets of salt & pepper shakers without description, a set of silver salt & pepper shakers, a silver sugar shaker, and a silver sugar basket with glass insert
  • Tables - a brass table, and a folding table with brass smoking set
  • Trays - one large brass tray, three sandwich trays, three silver trays, a painted wood tray, a pewter service tray with cut corners, three silver card trays, one peacock card tray, and a compote tray with glass center
  • Vases - eight assorted monogrammed silver vases, a monogrammed silver basket vase, a China vase with dragon handles, a silver vase with dragon handles, a antique Chinese vase, two amber glass vases, a green glass vase with ship design, a large metal vase, a Italian pottery vase, four Rookwood pottery vases, three silver vases, one white fan-shaped vase, and three vases without description
  • Miscellaneous - an electric toaster, an enamel compact, a leather Bridge set, a table bell, a fancy feather duster, a silver hatpin holder, a chunk of rose quartz, two pheasant decorations, a Navajo rug, a silver heart, and a fruitcake


  • Artwork - an etching by Ross Santee, an etching of Waikiki, two Gollings etchings, a painting of a river scene, a handmade silver art piece, a photograph of the Lincoln Memorial, and a photographic portrait of Mrs. Coolidge
  • Beverage Sets - two full tea service sets, , six yellow Italian tea service sets, one antique teapot with creamer, a Japanese brass and cloisonné teapot, an antique Russian samovar, a bottle opener, twelve silver cocktail skewers
  • Books & Book Accessories - (Boswell’s Life of Johnson, the Collected Poems of Rupert Brooks, and a book by William Crawford Garges, and a pair of white Chinese dog bookends
  • Bottles - a measuring bottle and a hot water bottle
  • Bouquets - one bouquet of carnations & roses and one bouquet of roses & chrysanthemums
  • Bowls - eleven assorted bowls without description, a dark red Czechoslovakian glass bowl, a crystal berry bowl, three cream bowls with ladles, four assorted flower bowls, a glass bowl with silver trim, a blue glass bowl with gold band rim, a mayonnaise bowl with spoon, two amber glass rose bowls, a monogrammed silver bowl, and two covered vegetable bowls
  • Boxes - a blue cloisonné cigarette box, a glass cigarette box with diamond design, a green metal cigarette box, a leather-covered cigarette box, a round brass cigarette box with heavy chasing, a black and gold porcelain box, and a silver metal box with deer on top
  • Candlesticks - one candelabra, a pair of amber glass candlesticks with pendants, and eleven assorted pairs of candlesticks
  • Cash - $1,580.00
  • Cups - two antique silver cups, six cocktail cups, twelve after-dinner coffee cups, and six china sake cups, six sherbet cups, and a cup & saucer set
  • Dishes - an undetermined number of Royal Doulton Beverly china pieces, several pieces of yellow & copper Wedgwood china, eight silver bonbon dishes, five silver bonbon baskets, a rose glass bonbon dish with silver trim, fourteen assorted bonbon dishes without description, a cheese dish with server, a pink chutney dish in silver tray, a glass condiment dish in silver tray, an Italian fruit dish, a glass dish with silver tray, a glass-lined olive basket, a log relish tray, eighteen assorted nut dishes, twelve filigree nut dishes, six Irish nut dishes, two sets of creamers & sugar bowls, twelve lacquer finger bowls & matching plates, a yellow eleven-piece bed tray set, two silver jelly servers with matching dishes, a silver beehive honey pot, a gravy boat with tray, seven assorted compotes, and six silver compotes
  • Glasses - five rose pink sherbet glasses with plates, six silver sherbet glasses, twelve cut glass goblets, several silver tea glasses
  • Jars - an Italian pottery flower jar, a cream & green Rookwood pottery jar, a blue glass sugar jar with lid, and an antique Bohemian sweetmeat jar
  • Lamps - a glass night light, a glass lamp with shade, and a smoking lamp
  • Linens - One Italian linen bridge cloth with matching napkins, two sets of bridge cloths with matching doilies, a filet lace bureau scarf, an Italian embrodery handkerchief with case, a Brussels lace handkerchief, six sets of Italian placemats with matching napkins, two blue brocaded satin Eiderdown quilts, two hemstitched linen towels, three linen tray clothes, and an unspecified number of assorted linens
  • Pitchers - a Belleek pitcher with matching sugar bowl, three pewter pitchers, a blue embossed Spode pitcher, two water pitchers, two amber glass pitchers, and two sets of silver pitchers with matching sugar bowls 
  • Plates - a holly plate with silver rim, a gold china plate, a large Royal Worcester plate, a pink glass sandwich plate, an undisclosed number of green and yellow Wedgewood plates, several Dresden Bavarian breakfast plates, an undisclosed number of filigree edged plates with matching platter, six green Limoges plates with matching bowls, an undisclosed number of Japanese plates with matching cups and saucers, several light green plates with matching platter, twelve metal bread & butter plates, six Limoges Rosebud plates, several monogrammed Royal Bavarian plates, ten assorted sandwich plates, three assorted silver sandwich plates, an undisclosed number of white Spode Jewel plates, six pink Spode English Camilla plages, eighteen Wedgewood plates, eight yellow plates with pheasants, and an orange platter with matching bowl
  • Salt & Peppers - two pairs short shakers, a set of tall shakers, two pair pewter shakers, one set of gilt metal shakers, one set of English salt spoons with pepper shakers, and two sets of salt cellars with spoons
  • Serving Pieces - a silver toast rack, two silver cream ladles, one undescribed cream ladle, six silver napkin rings, a pair of grape scissors, a cold meat fork, an ice cream fork with matching server, an olive fork, a small relish fork with matching spoon, three serving forks, a slaw fork, twelve ice cream forks in a service chest, several silver fruit forks, one pair of ice tongs, one pair sugar tongs, two berry spoons, twelve after-dinner spoons with gold bowls, four serving spoons, three handmade silver spoons, twelve antique English spoons, twelve Stieff teaspoons, two silver sugar spoons, two tomato servers, one bread knife, a cheese knife, a silver pie knife, six butter spreaders, six silver fruit knives, several pearl-handled knives, eight steak carvers, four steak knives, and a knife sharpener
  • Smoking Sets -  a smoking tray with lighter, a smoking tray with six matching ashtrays, a set of Chinese dragon ashtrays with container, five sets of matching ashtrays with matching boxes, and an undisclosed number of glass ashtrays
  • Tables - a folding bed table with a brocade satin top, and a brass smoking table on a wooden stand
  • Trays - two silver trays, an end table tray, a hand-painted wooden tray, a round tray with feet, and a brass Chinese dragon card tray
  • Vases - an amber glass vase with matching plate, a basket vase, two small cloisonné vases, three crystal vases, a glass vase with silver rim, three green glass vases, two tall pewter vases, an etched rose pink vase, two fancy silver vases, three plain silver vases, two Tiffany glass vases, and twelve assorted vases without description
  • Miscellaneous - an English leather riding crop, a Capodimonte jewel case, an enamel & gilt boudoir clock, a blue silk evening bag, a brass & blue enamel frame, a stationery set, a Pendleton shawl, and a baby leopard skin

 Some of Eula Wulfjen Kendrick's wedding gifts, 1891 (Hoff Collection, TESHS)

A Treasure Trove of Wedding Gifts