Family Timeline, 1880s - 1890s     

AS AMERICA GREW and prospered during the Gilded Age of the 1880s and 1890s, so too did the fortunes of the Kendrick, Cumming and Harmon families. 

1880   JBK works for Wulfjens at ULA Ranch, Wyoming Territory

1880   JBK briefly attends one-room school at Lance Creek

1881   HRH's parents marry in Pennsylvania

1882   EWK moves with family to Austin, Texas

1882   EWK's father sells out herds to Converse Cattle Company

1882   JBK loses Lance Creek constable election by vote of 19-3

1882   JBK refuses Wyoming Stock Growers Association stock inspector job

1883   JBK hired as foreman on Wulfjen cattle drive to Wyoming

1884   EWK's sister Hazel is born in Austin, Texas

1884   EWK moves with family to Greeley, Colorado

1885   JBK in charge of 77 outfit; receives stock as payment for services

1886   JBK hired as assistant roundup foreman for WSGA

1887   JBK hired as roundup foreman by WSGA

1888   JBK hired to run Converse Cattle Company

1889   JBK moves CCC herds to Hanging Woman Creek in Montana

1889   JBK finances bank in Sheridan with A. S. Burrows

1889   EWK and JBK meet again, at Mule Shoe Ranch

1890   JBK declines nomination to territorial legislature

1890   JBK serves on Sheridan County Executive Committee, WSGA

1890   JBK makes extended visit to Greeley

1891   JBK and EWK marry in Greeley; take extended honeymoon

1892   JBK net worth $39,000

1892   EWK's sister Hazel dies of typhoid in Greeley

1892   HRH born in Chester, Pennsylvania

1893   EWK votes in her first election

1893   JBK's sister Rosa dies of typhoid after visit to Chicago World's Fair

1894   DCK's father Hugh Smith Cumming joins Public Health Service

1895   EWK charter member of Sheridan's Cecilian Club

1896   DCK's parents marry in Virginia

1897   RMK born in Sheridan

1898   JBK completes purchase of Converse Cattle Co. land and stock



(Hoff, Kendrick & Trail End collections, TESHS)


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